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Your path to healthy doesn’t have to be alone.

It’s time to break the cycle that hasn’t been serving you.  

You want to prioritize your health, but since you became a mom, your relationship with food and your body has become complicated.  

In your pre-baby world, you could easily take care of your body while checking everything off your to-do list.  

Nowadays, you’re either obsessing about your next diet in order to lose your post-baby weight, or completely neglecting your needs while you focus on your kids and your family.  You feel guilt and shame about your lack of balance. You want to stop hating your body.  

You know that eating well and consistent exercise are good for you, but you still don’t do it because of two things:

A.) you think you don’t have time and

B.) hold out hope that another diet based on restriction and control should work.  

If you could stay motivated to live a healthy life,  you’d have more energy, a clearer mind, less stress, less mental and physical weight to carry around, more strength and more confidence.  You’re done counting calories and done with negative self-talk every time you look in the mirror.  Deep down, you know that all the time you spend obsessing about your body and food would be better spent focusing on your family, your relationships, your career,your purpose in the world.

I believe there is no better investment you can make than taking care of your physical and mental health.  

I’m Andrea, a life coach and yoga and Pilates instructor. I help smart, ambitious moms stop obsessing about food by being stuck in a diet-binge cycle, and finally love their bodies.  As your coach, I will teach you the tools you need to know to make lasting changes to help you become the healthiest, strongest,most confident version of yourself.  

The thing is, I’ve been in your shoes, grasping at unhealthy ways to change my body, spending too much time poking, pinching, weighing and counting– all in the name of control and happiness.  It’s exhausting and uncomfortable.  

I finally vowed to end the violence against my body, and want to teach you to do the same.  You will learn to nourish your body consistently and end the diet-binge cycle drama.   You’ll see exercise as a form of self-care and not punishment for what you ate or because you don’t like what you see in the mirror.  I will teach you how to accept your body and fill your days with happiness.

I turned to life coaching with Andrea while recovering from a stroke.  I learned how to alleviate anxiety so that my body had time to heal.  She helped me to see and accept my body for its amazing resilience.


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